Minlea consults customers on possible value creation processes in the context of planned acquisitions, mergers, or spin-offs. We also offer support in the planning and implementation of joint ventures, alliances, and other forms of cooperation.

Methodically, we rely on thorough research, which is always carried out in a fair and objective manner. We combine data and financial analysis with deep industry knowledge to help investors realize the true value of potential investments. We serve the international market by providing local knowledge and language skills in German, English, Chinese and Spanish that are required to support complex cross-border M&A transactions.

Minlea provides support for all stages of the transaction life cycle:


Support in finding suitable investments: take advantage of Minlea’s fair and impartial consulting in order to obtain details about the best possible acquisitions. As an investor, this gives you the option of an expanded selection of potential M&A properties or cooperation/sales partners that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Careful examination of the target company: the testing and quantification of factors that influence the remaining transaction process are essential in order to verify assumptions about possible investment strategies. Investors gain a better understanding of central issues within the target company and at the same time benefit from our company-exclusive insights into the views of key customers, suppliers, and competitors in the Euro-Asian region.


Working together under an effective alternative structure: find out more about the potential costs and benefits of partnerships as well as the factual basis related to negotiation. In order to avoid misunderstandings and subsequent disagreements, problems must be identified early on in order to reduce or avoid negative consequences / effects as far as possible.


The creation of combined value goes beyond simple additions: preparation is the key to increasing (not destroying) value in the integration process. Whether it is a large-scale global transaction or a mid-market/smaller transaction, our team cooperates with local professional M&A experts to ensure investors can obtain the best possible service throughout the transaction cycle. This way, transactions can be implemented successfully, and the merged entity will realize that one plus one is more than just two.


Planning a quick, thorough, and inexpensive exit: in addition to assistance in risk management of sales transactions, we also support sellers in positioning the sold business in such a way that successes can be achieved after the sale, thereby maximizing the value from the sale and divesture as much as possible.