Due to continuous worldwide development, globalization is an inevitable future trend in various areas. Hence, it is now the perfect time to develop companies into global corporations. For companies that want to expand their business, there are many opportunities for development. Global resources can be used to enable information exchange, attract new customers, and thereby enter more markets. However, in order to truly go global and enter a new market, a lot of preparations are indispensable. The most important step in this process is the localization of the enterprise.

For this reason, Minlea offers comprehensive assistance in this localization process. We support enterprises that are interested in opening up the global market and hoping to integrate with the international competitive environment, to quickly adapt to or open up new target markets at the lowest possible adjustment cost.

Minlea was originally established in Vienna, Austria, the center of Europe and has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the European market due to many years of business cooperation within various parts of Europe. Therefore, we are also familiar with different European laws and regulations and are thus able to develop tailor-made and targeted products for various companies. Minlea also offers a full range of professional consulting services concerning management, decision-making, marketing, forecasting, etc., as well as thorough compliance preparations for enterprise localization.

As Minlea continues to grow, we constantly increase our business relationships in China, India, South America, and other places, while our business scope keeps expanding as well. This offers companies the possibility of professional support, which means that new markets can be explored more effectively.

Minlea’s professional teams are able to provide all-round support throughout the whole localization process of individual enterprises and advise companies on adapting to specific standards and regulations in various regions. In addition, Minlea focuses on establishing and optimizing process management systems for companies and at the same time offers comprehensive language and cultural knowledge of different regions. This service enables the company’s products to resonate well with the specific target culture, conform to the needs of the target market and quickly adapt to varying cultural factors. Thus, products are more easily accepted by different audiences which enables companies to operate in a stable business environment and ultimately achieve the results that the involved parties agreed upon.