About Us

Minlea was founded in 2015. Since then, Minlea has been developing steadily and through working together with various European partners continues to grow as a company. Today Minlea’s comprehensive portfolio consists of various projects which focus on different trade areas such as medical products, raw materials, food and electronics.

Our Philosophy

As an active participant in the international market, the focus of our actions lies on the topic of social responsibility, including acting responsibly within the supply chain. As part of our international procurement network, we emphasize social responsibility in the areas of business ethics, resource management, environmental protection and society demanding compliance from all members of the supply chain.

As an international company, Minlea has the obligation and the self-image to act responsibly and in accordance with the law. We are aware of our responsibilities and take them seriously. This way we ensure that the business, reputation and trust of customers, employees and business partners are not impaired.

Based on the three interrelated components economy, environment and society, Minlea is working on a sustainable development system that reflects this corporate philosophy. Here our main focus lies on promoting organic, natural and environmentally friendly products in order to contribute to the implementation of the United Nations’ ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs).

Economic responsibility

The main task of Minlea is to enable stable business operations through standardized management processes and technological innovation under the premise of compliance with laws and regulations, thus generating value for the company and all parties involved.

Corporate governance principles: Minlea implements a modern, scientific and standardized corporate structure. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, this should help to avoid risks, take the interests of customers into account and promote the continuous development of the company.

Business ethics: Minlea’s work philosophy includes professionalism, efficiency, integrity and transparency. Responsible behavior is an important part of Minlea’s corporate image and a mandatory requirement for all companies and global partners involved. Minlea insists on the continuous optimization of the management system in the area of business ethics as well as on the establishment of a transparent and honest value chain.

Company development: Minlea is committed to satisfying customer needs through innovative, environmentally friendly, natural and organic solutions in the product area. In the course of this process, added value is increased and continuously created for suppliers, customers are provided with high-quality products and attractive financial opportunities for cooperation with investors are offered.

Social responsibility

Labor rights: Minlea strictly adheres to the relevant laws and regulations and further respects the fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The focus lies on the applicable laws and regulations concerning the employment of workers in foreign branches. Based on the requirements of various parties involved, we have implemented a number of internal guidelines and systems in order to offer our employees an equal working environment without any discrimination through legally compliant recruitment and personnel management.

Focus on employee diversification and personal development: Minlea emphasizes the diversification of our employees and promotes the development of competent teams making an important contribution to the business development of local companies.

Sustainable procurement: Minlea takes an environmentally and socially responsible attitude, concentrating above all on supply chain management and sustainable product procurement. To this end, fair, successful and long-term partnerships have been established with various partners in order to take on social responsibility together and to optimize supply, value creation processes and sustainable development.

Environmental responsibility

Responsible business conduct is the basis for the long-term success of a company. Economic success, social responsibility, environmental protection and the sustainable use of the company’s products and services are closely related. In view of the scarcity of resources and increasing environmental pressure, in-house experts are committed to environmental and health protection, occupational safety, social responsibility and sustainable economic development. All employees at Minlea are encouraged to actively incorporate these concepts into their daily work.

Active response to climate change: The threats posed by global climate change are currently increasing, resources and energy are being exhausted too quickly and extreme weather events are escalating. We are aware that human progress cannot happen at the expense of destroying nature. Rather, responsibility for the environment must be taken in order to secure the future of the earth. That is why Minlea is also committed to promoting renewable energies, actively researching low-carbon sustainable products as to actively combat the effects of climate change.

Active environmental protection: As a company with a sense of social responsibility, we believe in the power of communication. We strive to promote the formation of values in our environment, which is why we actively participate in the protection of global environmental resources and thus actively take the initiative in the fight against climate change. We work with our partners, local governments and regional organizations to achieve positive sustainable effects.

We are aware of the effects of our actions on people and the environment. Minlea is committed to developing and promoting organic products to ensure that the products are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our goal is to ensure the development of sustainable social, environmental and economic systems for employees, customers, partners and the general public in the future as well.