Supply chain procurement has been the core business scope of Minlea since its establishment. Through long-term business cooperation with customers and suppliers from all over the world, Minlea has accumulated a lot of business experience and reliable procurement resources. Great coordination ability, reasonable resource allocation, appropriate procurement strategy as well as timely and accurate market information and trends enable Minlea to implement a cost-effective procurement strategy that meets the needs of different customers. Thanks to Minlea’s global resources and years of industry experience in procurement, customers have more reasonable and favorable options to find products that best meet customer needs and interests.

Minlea’s cross-border supply chain service centers around core enterprises whose processes are optimized by controlling the flow of information and capital, as well as logistics. Functional network structures are set up, starting from the purchase of raw materials, product development and production up to the sales network and thus the appearance of the products on international markets.

Our goal is to improve the entire value chain from the producer to the receiver and thereby establish transparent trade channels. Minlea focuses on continuous and, above all, transparent communication, where any arising customer questions can be answered in a timely manner. At the same time, Minlea works with the partners involved throughout the process to ensure successful communication between manufacturers and buyers.





Distribution and procurement are closely linked within the supply chain. In addition, sales are one of Minlea’s core businesses and the element where we can play out our advantages best. Relying on Minlea’s keen market insight and extensive customer resources, we are able to accurately analyze and research different products in order to formulate the most suitable sales plan and then identify the right target market for your product.

Minlea’s greatest advantage in international sales lies in its in-depth understanding of different markets and abundant customer resources. Due to the steady growth of the company, Minlea has offices in many countries. Local employees ware familiar with local laws, regulations, market needs and trends, which is why business opportunities can be seized promptly. Through our professional market research sales strategies can be adjusted in time, thereby maximizing customer benefits.

Minlea’s good political and business relations in various places constitute a huge customer group network and create a positive business environment, which in turn ensures stable and long-term customer resources for all types of products.


Minlea has been a partner in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and medical technology industry for a long time. By supporting continuous and sustainable company growth, Minlea is already cooperating successfully with customers in a wide range of areas such as electronics and hygiene products. We are constantly expanding our industry experience and relationship networks, which is why Minlea is the best OEM contact for products in various areas.

From individual small series production to long-term mass production, from existing products to special customized developments, from individual production to long-term cooperative relationships, Minlea provides tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of customer requirements. The same high standards always apply to the entire service process.

According to the characteristics of the OEM business, we have established a set of order-oriented customer service and technical support systems. The aim is to respond to customer requirements in a timely manner to ensure accurate delivery as well as the desired product quality. From raw material to packaging, we focus on end-user satisfaction and conduct research around the clock to realize the development of valuable and exclusive products.

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▪ Product Scouting

▪ Consulting

▪ Customized Products

▪ Top Production Equipment

▪ Strict Quality Control

▪ Reasonable Handling Costs

▪ High Quality All-Round Service


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▪ Outsourcing of Product Searches

▪ Reduction of Investment Costs

▪ Saving of Labor and Material Resources

▪ Reduced Time to Market

▪ Expansion of Profit Margins

▪ Mature Product Quality

▪ Fast Market Return


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▪ Research and Development

▪ Construction and Project Planning

▪ Production

▪ Post-Processing

▪ Quality Monitoring

▪ Global Services